Five Reasons That Make Minka Aire Ceiling Fans a Great Choice For Modern Homes

Ceiling fans form an essential part of one’s interior design. These products guarantee a free flow of air and ensure your home is adequately ventilated. They give you relief from the heat on a sunny or hot day. When equipped with a reverse mechanism, they provide warm air during colder weather.

Minka Aire considered a stunning brand of modern ceiling fans at  has a wide array of products available to adorn modern homes.

You will be happy to know that there are numerous reasons why one can rely on these fans.

Numerous control functions

Unlike other ceiling fans, the Minka Aire brand offers a variety of choices concerning control mechanisms. These would include handheld devices and wall mounted controls too. From easy to use speed control options to light dimmers and reverse switches, these devices are capable of performing many functions.

Geared Towards the Eco-conscious

A lot of Minka Aire fans have an Energy Star rating that makes them way more energy efficient. Due to the fact they use less energy and dissipate less heat, these cooling fans are preferred by consumers who are eco-conscious and aware of the choices they made.

Multitasker Featuring Light Kits

Minka Aire fans also serve as light sources. Many of the available models feature universal light kits. Furthermore, they offer superior ventilation and sufficient illumination. They are incredibly versatile additions to any living space.

Multiple Finishes and Styles to Accommodate Different Decor Schemes

Minka fans are made available across all sorts of styles such as retro, vintage, contemporary, transitional, and traditional. In turn, they boast a broad range of finishes in copper, brown, black, white, silver, iron, gold, pewter, white, etc. This makes it feasible for ceiling fans like these to blend in very well with the rest of the decor in all kinds of spaces. So whether you have a home with minimalistic exuberance or something in an industrial age, you can always make your selection from a well-matched Minka Aire.

Minka Fans Matches Any Space

There is a ceiling fan with the Minka logo for every home. From your bedroom, bathroom, foyer, dining room, kitchen, family room, hallway, utility room, living room, or office space that is part of the home, you will surely find a good match. These fans are not just for interior spaces, but some designs exclusively make provision for outdoor areas such as porches and patios. What comes to mind is the fan with a blade that spans well over 58-inches and the hugger fans that are suited for smaller spaces.

Just to whet your appetite, let’s look at some exciting modern fans designed by Minka Aire.

The Dream Star of Minka Aire offers an engineered, yet artistic style that leaves no detail to chance. The airflow is complimented by a fade-away canopy to eliminate any indication of an overhanging system. What is really nice about this model is that it features an 18 watt integrated LED light.

Triple By Minka Aire

Just as impressive is Triple as it serves as a modern industrial design that features turbine-like three bladed functionality to offer a contemporary edge to liven up the atmosphere of a home. It sure turns heads thanks to the advanced DC motor technology and the 20 Watt LED lighting.

Xtreme H2O

One of the more popular more massive fans, the Xtreme H2O is an outdoor version that lends itself to any setting. It is ideal for any area, whether indoor or outdoor as it comes available in a range of sizes.


While this fan has no connection with an olden day song “99 Red Balloons”, it sure is one helluva big fan that features a total of 99-inches. Furthermore, the fan is equipped with 9 blades and is powered by a 26 Watt DC and LED motor.


Those of you who are looking for a blast of the past that will take you down memory lane, the Cone range proves to be quite exciting. What is noteworthy is that this model offers a choice between three, four and five blades.

With so many choices, is it any wonder that even architects are excited to toy with a range of sophisticated modern ceiling fans?

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