How to Obtain Your Security Systems Goals

As Home entities across the globe settle into the second quarter of the year, business executives and managers prepare for various eventualities, advancements, and progression as they set their goals, objectives, as well as their ambitions for the coming months.  A very rudimentary aspect of survival for any business in the Bend region  is the use of state-of-the-art Home security systems Bend Oregon from and also how to protect their business interest, employees, and consumers.

Customer and Employee Safety

Where businesses thrive on its products and services, it is because they place a huge value on human life. SOS Alarms Home security services are customized based on the specific company’s building size, employee concerns or any other specific needs of your business.  What about access control systems and why should any business owner pay attention to these?

Any Access Control System offers the following benefits:

  • Restrict employee access to particular areas
  • Restrict visitor entry to forbidden areas
  • Remotely control your system from faraway
  • Ensure multiple door access
  • Offers reports on activity with times and areas
  • Control your door access remotely using smart phone

The Access Control System lets owners and supervisor compile a complete inventory of  the who, where, when and what (with the help of visual monitoring systems) of their offices.

Inventory and Product Safety

Where worker and customer safety should be a primary goal, a company’s product and inventory are also of importance.  Inventory is after all a company’s lifeblood.  With no inventory, there is no capital and no capital equates to no business.  SOS Alarms has various security options available to keep the products of your company safe.  A SOS specialist can design a customized Home alarm system combining both security alarm systems with Home video surveillance covering the business both physically and visually.

SOS Video Surveillance Systems can do the following:

  • Boost safety levels
  • Discourage employee theft
  • Ward off vandalism and outside theft
  • Store data with network and digital video recorders
  • Be seen over the internet or even on a smartphone

SOS Alarms keeps up with the changes in technology, staying abreast of the latest products and security capabilities.

Lastly, companies must take precaution to ensure their business property is well secured.  A property security alarm system generally includes a fully functional control panel, equipped with a touchpad, siren, a battery backup system, window and door scanners and motion detection sensors.  SOS Alarm Home security systems are both user and pet-friendly.

Pros and Cons of Different Security Systems Communications

With today’s technology there are various ways to create the perfect security communication hub for your home or business.  Whether you wish to keep to traditions, (why fix something if it ain’t broken) or you wish to mush forward with the latest technology available, it is important that you operate the system that is best for you and your business.

Below is a list of different ways for you to connect your security system to a central monitoring station and the pros and cons associated with each method.

The good thing about the telephone line hook up is that it has been around for years.  Most are familiar with its inner workings and finding a technician or service provider with the proper knowledge should be simple. Traditional phone lines are considered the most reliable of the services because most alarm systems connected by a traditional phone line remain operational during power outages. Telephone operated communication hubs cost less per month to maintain, operate and repair and requires less expensive equipment.

In the alternative, the telephone hook up has been around for years making it the most vulnerable system to attacks. The fact that there are many individuals familiar with its inner workings increases the possibility of an attack.  It is as simple as cutting the telephone line causing the connection to be lost, generally without warning.  If the lines are alternatively damaged, a bad connection causes static on the line, which interferes with proper monitoring of your system. Most traditional phone lines utilize copper, which is more susceptible to both natural and deliberate outages. Lastly, the dial up connection is generally than other services.

If you have any questions about residential or Home alarm systems, don’t hesitate to call SOS Alarms on 1-866-767-2527